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Why is Carpet Cleaning Important?

Carpet cleaning is important to create a great ambiance in homes or offices and improve the shelf life of a carpet. It should be done at least 2-3 times a year. Unclean carpets are a home for an unlimited number of allergens, dust, and bacteria. It is therefore advised to hire a professional carpet cleaning service provider to remove the deep stains, dust, dirt, allergens, bacteria, pet and human hair etc from your carpets.

Benefits of Carpet Cleaning:

1) Saves money: Buying a new carpet is expensive, cleaning carpet at least twice a year will save your money.

2) Improve ambiance and look in homes and offices: Cleaning the carpet with a vacuum cleaner will help you remove the dust and other particles, but not the deep stains inside your carpets, a professional carpet cleaner will help you get rid of deep stains in no time.

3) Improve the odor of the carpet: Another reason to clean carpets is to improve its smell. This is especially important for homes with children and pets, who often vomit or urinate leaving the carpet with a bad smell. Routine and occasional cleaning of carpets is a great option to improve and maintain its smell.

4) Prevent the spread of allergen /bacteria: Regular carpet cleaning can prevent from harming your health. Especially for children, pets or someone in the home who is allergic to dust, carpet cleaning is essential.

How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost?


If it’s been several years since your last professional carpet cleaning then your carpets are likely quite dirty and may require some special attention.
The price you’ll need to pay for carpet cleaning depends on the age and condition of your carpet and the amount of time and effort it will take to do the job right.
Rule # 1 - The dirtier your carpet is, the more it’s going to cost to have it cleaned properly.
Imagine not cleaning your stove top for a week, or a month, or a year! How much more difficult would the task be? If your stove top was just dirty from last night’s meal then it might take just a few quick swipes with a damp cloth or sponge to get the surface clean again. But if you had not cleaned it for a week or more, then you can imagine how long it could take to clean it and how much more difficult it would be! The same goes for your carpet. If you haven’t had your carpet cleaned in several years, no matter who you call it’s going to take some extra time and effort to do the job properly.
Rule #2 – Don’t expect miracle results from low-cost or discount carpet cleaning services.
If your carpets are in serious need of a thorough deep-cleaning, don’t go searching for a carpet cleaner coupon that says “Two Rooms Cleaned for $19.99!”  You won’t be happy with the results from a light surface cleaning.
Carpet cleaners that advertise super cheap prices are notorious for luring you in with an amazing low-price special and once they arrive, they usually surprise you with an estimate so high it will knock you off your feet! You don’t need this type of aggravation! So be prepared to pay a bit more to have your carpets properly cleaned if it has been a while since your last professional cleaning.
Carpet Cleaning Costs:
The typical cost to clean your carpet ranges from 15 cents to 45 cents per square foot.
Dirty carpets take longer to clean and you must understand that. This means if you have your carpets professionally cleaned every 12 months like you are supposed to, then the cost to have your carpet cleaned should be on the low end of the scale. That's because it will not take very long to clean your carpets.
But if you seldom have your carpets cleaned, then expect the price you are asked to pay to be on the higher end of the scale. If you haven't had your carpets professionally cleaned in 6 years, don't be surprised when the estimate is twice or three times as much as you expect.
The fact is, all carpet cleaners must charge a reasonable price for their services or they won’t be able to stay in business. If it will take twice as long to thoroughly clean your dirty carpet then expect the job to be priced accordingly.
One Room Cost Example:
A common bedroom size is 10’ x 14’ or 140 square feet.
·At 18 cents per square foot the cost for cleaning would be about $25.00 (Carpet doesn’t appear dirty)
·At 28 cents per square foot the cost for cleaning would be about $40.00 (Carpet looks fairly dirty)
·At 36 cents per square foot the cost for cleaning would be about $50.00 (Carpet is very dirty!)
Some carpet cleaning companies prefer to charge by the room or by the job. It still ends up being pretty close to the same price as it would be if calculated by the square foot, so if you know about how many square feet you need to have cleaned it will be easy for you to calculate an approximate cost.
Whole House Cost Example: 
Most 3-bedroom ranch style homes have about 1000 square feet of carpet.
· At 18 cents per square foot - Total cost about $180.00 (Carpet doesn’t appear dirty)
· At 28 cents per square foot - Total cost about $280.00 (Carpet looks fairly dirty)
· At 36 cents per square foot - Total cost about $360.00 (Carpet is very dirty!)
Please Remember: It's NOT a scam for a professional carpet cleaner to charge you accordingly. If the job takes longer then you should expect to pay more.
Proper Carpet Care and Maintenance
It's up to you to make sure your carpet is maintained and cared for according to the carpet manufacturer's guidelines. Failure to do so can void your new carpet warranty and cause your new carpet to wear out prematurely.
Regular vacuuming and professional cleanings every 12 months is required for new carpet and will help your new carpet to last as long as possible.
Rule #3 – Have your carpets cleaned before they start to look dirty.
Abrasion is what causes carpet to look ugly and worn out. If you wait too long between cleanings, your carpet can become permanently damaged. Dirt and grime can easily cause abrasive wear that cannot be undone. Once you reach this point there may be nothing any professional carpet cleaner can do to restore the “like-new” appearance your carpet once had. 

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Carpet Cleaning Companies North Augusta TIPS...

Carpet Cleaning Basics

Although vacuum cleaning can remove a majority of the dry soil, it is also necessary to clean your carpet on a frequent basis to remove the oily, sticky soil that builds up in the pile as a result of odors and dirt that is tracked in from outside.  

If you can clean the carpet before it becomes too bad, the cleaning chore will be easier to do and a lot more successful. There is a myth that is totally false, which states that cleaning the carpet before it is necessary will get it dirtier faster. The carpet with the typical household should be cleaned every 12 months depending on the number of people living there and the amount of traffic that walks on the carpet.

The choice of the right carpet cleaning vacuum is important as well. There are some vacuums that will leave residues behind, which will promote re-soiling and basically defeat the whole purpose of household cleaning.  

Professional Carpet Cleaners 

It is in your best interest to use professional cleaners simply because their experience will enable them to do a much better job than you can do yourself. The equipment they use has more extraction power than the units available to you and the carpet will dry much faster. They know the cleaning agents to use and they know the differences in carpet construction and fibers.

Doing It Yourself

If you have made the decision to rent a steam cleaning machine and do the job yourself, you should check on several systems before you make a selection. Most of the units available for rent don't clean well enough and may end up damaging your carpet. Therefore, you should always consider the following:

    -  Several rental companies offer cleaning equipment that is similar to what the professionals use. The equipment should have enough vacuum power to allow the carpet to dry within 6 hours of cleaning. You should always avoid rental units found in retail and grocery stores that don't have the power to extract the cleaning solution from the carpet fast enough, as it can actually damage the carpet due to over wetting.

    -  Make sure you avoid over-wetting the carpet. Any prolonged dampness can lead to mildew growth and bacteria in the carpet or cause a separation of the backing. A wet carpet that stays this way for longer than 24 hours can develop problems. You can control this by using proper equipment and the right training.

    -  Carpets that have stain resistant treatments have to be cleaned with products that are formulated for this very purpose or the stain resistance will be impaired and the warranty will be voided. Never use cleaning or spotting solutions that contain bleaches as they can mess up the color of the carpet.

    -  Never use any silicone based treatments on the carpet. 

    -  You can help to reduce the drying time by using several fans to move the air around the carpet. You can use a dehumidifier as well as it will pull moisture from the air. 

Hot Water Extraction

The hot water extraction system is highly recommended as it's considered to be one of the best methods for carpet cleaning. Also known as steam cleaning, the process consists of spraying a mixture of water and detergent into the carpet and recovering the water and soil with a powerful vacuum that puts it into a holding tank. You can use a truck mounted unit or a portable self contained unit as well. This method is easily one of the best and is ideal for soiled carpets or pet stains that you have yet to get out of the fibers.

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